Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday and Christmas in July...Day 5!!

Good morning!!  Today's post is chalked full of fun!!  First, today is Day 5 for my lil' Christmas in July sale!!

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Today you can enjoy 20% off on the following goodies in my TpT shop. :)
All About...Plants
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and Pumpkins, 
and Earthworms!!
Earth Day with Earthworms!!  {Earthworm Observation Day}
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And Now.....I am linking  up again with Cara from The First Grade Parade for Throwback Thursday!!  I love, love, LOVE this linky!  I have picked up so many fun ideas by reading blog posts that I may have missed during the school year. Pop on over to Cara's blog to join in all the fun!! :)


This "Throwback" post does not go back very far!! I originally posted this just last month, but I hope you find this helpful!  If you use technology in the classroom, you may find Symbaloo to be really a helpful way to organize website/programs that you want your students to visit.  Read below to learn more about this cool, FREE program.  It is available online for your laptop, and they also have a great app for your iPad!  Happy Thursday!  


MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2013

Technology in the Classroom....Have you tried Symbaloo?

This year, I felt so fortunate that our school received a grant to become a STEM school.  As part of the grant that we received, our school was given a large amount of technology, which included laptops and iPads! Grades K-2 received iPads, while grades 3-6 received laptops.  What wonderful opportunities for the students of our school!!  However, as you may have experienced, it can be frustrating and time consuming to have students type in addresses of each website you use in class.  That is when a co-worker introduced me to Symbaloo!!

This website is so nice because you can quickly and easily create an icon for any website.  Once your students login to Symbaloo, they will see all of the icons you have added.  The end result is very close to an app on an iPad!!  The students click the tile and they are automatically transferred to the website!!  I have a lot of students access these programs at home as well.  Once they know the password, the students can use this site at home.  They especially love using the websites with math games!! Many students mentioned that they were planning to use them during the summer!  :)  

This site has helped me so much this year!! It cut down considerably on the time I spent helping students get to a website.  It was also a HUGE help when we were researching certain projects.  I was able to guide the students with their Internet research!  For example, when we researched insects, I was able to place several quality, kid-friendly sites on Symbaloo!  Researching is new and can be difficult for third grade, but this was a big help!  

Best of all, creating an account is FREE!!!  :)  Click here to sign up for a new account today!! 


  1. Our class was given one little ipad this Still, I love this idea and I will start looking into it today. Anything to help those little ones stay organized. Did you find it challenging to manage little ones with ipads? I've always been nervous they'd drop them or break them!
    Whimsy Workshop

  2. Haha!! Yes!! I was terrified at first..."Be careful!" "Don't put the iPad to close to the edge of the table!" By the end of the year, I chilled a little bit...the school bought a heavy duty "Otterbox" type of case for the iPads! I have even started using Symbaloo for my own personal use. Our Computer Lab teacher is going to start using this next year, and I am so excited! It is so quick and easy for the students to use! Thank you so much for your comment!


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