Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Using Mimio Votes!!

We love the Mimio votes!! Today we took a quick math assessment. The students used paper to work out the problem and then answer the problem with a Mimio vote. The answers are automatically graded and the answers are graphed. The students can quickly see and understand their areas of strengths and weakness. The Mimio vote makes taking a quiz fun!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Understanding Characters!!

This week in Reader's Workshop, we are continuing our study of characterization.  We want to understand how characters think, feel and change during a story.  This will help us understand what we read. Below are a few examples of what we are working on during class!  
Our goal is to understand what a character looks like on the inside and the outside.  Before writing about characters in a book, we wrote about ourselves!
Reader's Workshop focus wall!
We studied many characters in our favorite stories, including Molly Lou Melon, and Camilla Cream from "A Bad Case of Stripes". We focused on what the characters looked like on the inside and the outside.  

Today, our focus was about how characters change in a story.  We read about "Lilly" from "Julius, The Baby of the World" by Kevin Henkes
The students filled out a response sheet about how their characters changed during the course of  their reading. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

How Do Spiders Eat Their Prey?

In Science, we are working on the scientific method. Our Researcher of the Week presented a science experiment to the class that demonstrated how a spider uses venom to liquefy its venom and eat its prey...yikes! :) To show this experiment, each student placed a sugar cube in a cup to signify a spider stuck in a web. Then, they put some water in the cup to act as the venom. The students watched the sugar cube dissolve and then drank the sugar water with a straw, simulating how a spider drinks its prey. During the experiment, each child filled out papers documenting each part of the scientific method. Some of the "spiders" in our class enjoyed their sugar water better than others:)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guest Blogger, Wednesday! {Published by our Researcher of the Week}

Hi!  My name is Jackson!  I am Researcher of the week.Today we made characterization charts of ourselves.  My favorite thing in school is math.I hope you like my pictures of my friends!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Great Website Alert!!!

We are working hard to learn homographs! This website has fun games to help students learn a variety of skills!! This would be a great site to try at home!! :)

Click Here to try!  EZSchool

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