Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Science Experiment: Is Black Really Just Black?

Today we had a fun experiment to answer the question, "Is black really just black?"   To discover the answer to this question, we drew five black dots on a paper towel. Then, we stuck a pipe cleaner through the middle black dot and placed the pipe cleaner into a cup filled halfway with water.  After waiting for a few minutes, we found the answer to our question.  The water travels up the pipe cleaner and when it touches the black marker, the black starts to spread and reveals many different colors!! 

A Map of Our Hearts

We are diving right into Writer's Workshop with our Unit on Personal Narratives. The students are taking turns telling stories and today we made "Maps of Our Hearts".  Each student created a heart shaped map marked with topics of great importance.  I will hang the maps in the classroom for the students to refer to in the future for topic ideas for the Personal Narratives we will be writing.  

We started our lesson with My Map Book, by Sara Fanelli. This creative book helped the students formulate ideas for their maps! It is a a great book for this project!

Designing our maps...
Time to paint!

Friday, August 17, 2012

What a Great First Week!!

The first week at Washington Stem Academy was so fun!! We have a great group in third grade:) Here is a little sneak peek into our classroom!

What Was Your Favorite Part of Our First Week of School?

We had a great first week!!!  It has been so fun to get to know one another.  I love how well this class works together!!

Third Graders, what was your favorite part of our week??

"I like when did the "Egg in a Bottle" experiment"  -Brystal and Eryn

"I like making fish"- Lily

"I liked using the IPADs and Laptops!"  - Jackson , Jeremy, Michael

"I liked meeting the Sci-Girls" - Kate

" I liked picking our classroom jobs" - Hannah

"I liked eating cookies"  Diana

"I liked making our classroom promises"- Joel

"I liked writing stories in Writer's Workshop"  - Wini

" I liked playing Sumdog on the computers" - Peyton

" I liked have Mrs. Patton for my teacher."  - Dania

"I like reading and eating cookies!"  - Ava

" I like making money!!"  - Erika

" I liked making Enemy Pie" - Sarah

" I liked when Jeremy's dog visited"  - Carter and Braxton

" I like my classroom job!"  - Marissa

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