Monday, April 30, 2012

We are "Tree"mendous Test Takers!!

We are ready for our second and final round of ISTEP tests this week.  Last time, we "Rocked"  the ISTEP by dressing as rock stars.  This week, in honor of Arbor Day, we will do a "Tree"mendous job on ISTEP!!  The students really have fun with a themed week.  They have worked so hard and are ready to show what they know!  Good luck, students!

Our hallway display....."Leaf" it to us, Third Grade will do "Tree"mendous on ISTEP! 

Creating "good luck charms"  for our desks.  :)

Their colorful creations!  I wrote "I am a "Tree"mendous Test Taker" on each leaf.  The leaves were then laminated and taped to each students desks.  We will tap them for good luck before we begin the test tomorrow.  :)

The sign for our door.  We are all ready!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Edible Insects

Who would have thought that insects could be so yummy?  :)  Haha!  We started our Insect Unit this week, and used Deanna Jump's idea to be create edible insects.  The students brought in yummy candy treats to build their bugs.  Each bug was required to have all of the parts that make up an insect.  The students needed a head, thorax, abdomen, six legs, and antennae.  They were very creative and could not wait to eat their bugs for an afternoon treat!!

Snacks brought in by the students

A praying mantis!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earthworm Observation Day and Earth Day Crafts!!

 Just a few Earth Day crafts.... the students had fun creating these!                                                              


 And.....Believe it or not......WE LOVE EARTHWORMS!!  This is one of my favorite days. The students love learning about this wiggly, squiggly recyclers!  :)  Friday was Earthworm Observation Day.  The students each received their own earthworms to observe, measure and then release into the school garden!  We learned about earthworm anatomy, and how earthworms help the earth.  This unit fit right in with our Earth Day activities.  To purchase my Earthworm Day Unit for your classroom, click here!

Our squiggly worms!! 

Taking a closer look...

Releasing our worms!!

A fun snack to enjoy during Independent Reading Time!


Readers' Workshop Study of Character Traits

In Readers' Workshop, we are studying Character Traits. I love this unit.  The students and I love rereading some of our favorite stories to closely examine the story's main character.  We started by identifying the difference between physical and character traits, and then created lists for each!  

Classroom Anchor Charts for "A Bad Case of Stripes" and "Officer Buckle and Gloria"

Examples of student character traits projects.  Each student choose a favorite story and then created a poster of physical and character traits of one of the characters in the story.  

Character Trait Picture Frames!  Each student described his/her own physical and character traits.

America's Symbols

What a fun unit of study!  Before Spring Break we finished our unit on America's Symbols.  I purchased Deanna Jump's unit on TPT.  Most of the pictures of the work below were inspired by her wonderful ideas in her unit!  I used this unit last year with my first grade students, and they LOVED it, so I wanted to tweak a few of the ideas to make it appropriate for third grade, and I found that they loved this unit just as much as my first graders!  We decorated the classroom with our art projects.  They were on display just in time for Grandparents' Day!  Our grandparents loved learning right along with us!   

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