Monday, April 30, 2012

We are "Tree"mendous Test Takers!!

We are ready for our second and final round of ISTEP tests this week.  Last time, we "Rocked"  the ISTEP by dressing as rock stars.  This week, in honor of Arbor Day, we will do a "Tree"mendous job on ISTEP!!  The students really have fun with a themed week.  They have worked so hard and are ready to show what they know!  Good luck, students!

Our hallway display....."Leaf" it to us, Third Grade will do "Tree"mendous on ISTEP! 

Creating "good luck charms"  for our desks.  :)

Their colorful creations!  I wrote "I am a "Tree"mendous Test Taker" on each leaf.  The leaves were then laminated and taped to each students desks.  We will tap them for good luck before we begin the test tomorrow.  :)

The sign for our door.  We are all ready!

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