Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earthworm Observation Day and Earth Day Crafts!!

 Just a few Earth Day crafts.... the students had fun creating these!                                                              


 And.....Believe it or not......WE LOVE EARTHWORMS!!  This is one of my favorite days. The students love learning about this wiggly, squiggly recyclers!  :)  Friday was Earthworm Observation Day.  The students each received their own earthworms to observe, measure and then release into the school garden!  We learned about earthworm anatomy, and how earthworms help the earth.  This unit fit right in with our Earth Day activities.  To purchase my Earthworm Day Unit for your classroom, click here!

Our squiggly worms!! 

Taking a closer look...

Releasing our worms!!

A fun snack to enjoy during Independent Reading Time!


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  1. Dear Aynsley,

    I love your great photos and crafts that you share in your earthworm unit! What a great activity to do for earth day in April! Well done!

    I just finished an earthworm unit, but for kindergartners. You may want to check out all we’ve compiled. And this is only the science and math components. I worked with two other teachers to come up with this great unit, and they did most of the literacy parts.

    The reason I’m emailing you is that we are hosting a Worm-themed linky, and believe that this post would be a great addition! Having your post listed with other earthworm lesson ideas might help bring you more traffic so that others can consider buying the cool Earthworm unit you’ve put together!

    Consider linking up, when you get a chance! Here is the address to our linky (will open Nov. 7):

    Darci the STEM Mom
    Andrea from No Doubt Learning
    Erin from The Usual Mayhem


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