Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rudolph With Your Nose SO Bright!!

This bulletin board is definitely my favorite one of the entire year!!  I got the idea from my incredibly talented and creative friend, Erin. :)  This board is so easy, but the students remember it year after year!! Simply buy a strand of the red lights.  I like to use the bigger bulb lights.  I bought mine at Lowe's.  Tape the strand to the bulletin board.  Next, make any Rudolph craft that you have, but cut out a circle for the nose.  Staple the Rudolph face onto the bulletin board around the red light!  They are so fun! :)

We are Thankful

We have been so busy in Mrs. Patton's classroom!  We started the month by learning about facts from the first Thanksgiving.  

The students also participated in a "Disguise a Turkey"  project.  They did a great job!!!  The turkey below holds a special place in my heart.....this student disguised his turkey as my husband, Joe.  Hahaha!!  He did not tell me he was doing this, so it came as a complete surprise!!  Joe loves to hunt, as you can see!!  This still just makes me laugh! :)

We concluded the month by thinking about what WE are Thankful for.  The students all concurred that we are very thankful for our family and friends, and the men and women who serve in the armed forces!  One of the students in our class has a cousin who is currently serving in Afghanistan.  We made him the letters below, and we are so hoping they arrive for Christmas!  

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