Friday, August 17, 2012

What Was Your Favorite Part of Our First Week of School?

We had a great first week!!!  It has been so fun to get to know one another.  I love how well this class works together!!

Third Graders, what was your favorite part of our week??

"I like when did the "Egg in a Bottle" experiment"  -Brystal and Eryn

"I like making fish"- Lily

"I liked using the IPADs and Laptops!"  - Jackson , Jeremy, Michael

"I liked meeting the Sci-Girls" - Kate

" I liked picking our classroom jobs" - Hannah

"I liked eating cookies"  Diana

"I liked making our classroom promises"- Joel

"I liked writing stories in Writer's Workshop"  - Wini

" I liked playing Sumdog on the computers" - Peyton

" I liked have Mrs. Patton for my teacher."  - Dania

"I like reading and eating cookies!"  - Ava

" I like making money!!"  - Erika

" I liked making Enemy Pie" - Sarah

" I liked when Jeremy's dog visited"  - Carter and Braxton

" I like my classroom job!"  - Marissa

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