Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday and Earthworms!! AAAHHHH! :)

Yea!! I just love Thursday!  I love reading all of the posts from Cara's Throwback Thursday Linky.  Pop on over to The First Grade Parade to join in on all the fun!  :)

My Throwback Thursday post is from Earth Day 2012.  On Earth Day, I always have an "Earthworm Day". We take the day to learn about Nature's Recyclers!  :)  The students just love this day.  After our observation, we release the earthworms into our school's garden. We finish the day with...WHAT ELSE???...DIRT PUDDING!! :)  Have you ever tried having an Earthworm Day?  I have used this activity with both 1st and 3rd graders!!  The students LOVE it!  :) 


Earth Day is such a fun day!   And.....Believe it or not......WE LOVE EARTHWORMS!!  This is one of my favorite days. The students love learning about this wiggly, squiggly recyclers!  :)  Friday was Earthworm Observation Day.  The students each received their own earthworms to observe, measure and then release into the school garden!  We learned about earthworm anatomy, and how earthworms help the earth.  This unit fit right in with our Earth Day activities.  To purchase my Earthworm Day Unit for your classroom, click here!

Our squiggly worms!! 

Taking a closer look...

Releasing our worms!!

A fun snack to enjoy during Independent Reading Time!




  1. Love the gummy "bookworm" idea! My kids would love those! :)

  2. What fun activities! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the bookworm idea, too! Since I don't teach science I might have to do that as an earth day celebration for my kiddos!!
    Loving your blog - so excited to be your newest follower!

    The Sweetest Thing
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  4. I love your earthworm unit - I am now inspired to get a bit muddy in the classroom next year!
    Whimsy Workshop

  5. Thanks so much, everyone!!!:) I always feel kind if funny going to buy worms!! Haha!! My students just love it, though:)


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