Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

HAPPY 4th of July!!! I hope each of you are enjoying this special holiday with all of your families and friends! Today, I am participating in another addition of Throwback Thursday with Cara from The First Grade Parade.   Hop on over to her blog sometime today between your fun and fireworks to read all of the wonderful posts and ideas from so many talented teachers!!

My Throwback post is originally from April 12, 2012.  Studying Character Traits is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite topics to study!!  I hope you enjoy this post!  Happy 4th to you all!! :)  


Readers' Workshop Study of Character Traits

In Readers' Workshop, we are studying Character Traits. I love this unit.  The students and I love rereading some of our favorite stories to closely examine the story's main character.  We started by identifying the difference between physical and character traits, and then created lists for each!  

Classroom Anchor Charts for "A Bad Case of Stripes" and "Officer Buckle and Gloria"

After we made several examples as a class, it was time for the students to give it a try!!! :)  The students worked with partners to create their own character posters.  After the students shared their work, we had a really cool "Storybook Gallery" !!
Examples of student character traits projects.  Each student chose a favorite story and then created a poster of physical and character traits of one of the characters in the story.  

This is a fun idea from Pinterest.... each child described his/her own character traits and physical characteristics.  It was cute that they started to compare themselves to storybook characters!!!  :)

Character Trait Picture Frames!  Each student described his/her own physical and character traits.


  1. Love your anchor charts! And those stories are ALL favorites of mine!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. Thank you so much, Julie!!! The students did a great job. :)


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