Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Reading Camp!! and Stellaluna Freebie!!

This Summer, I have the opportunity to work at Summer School!  It has been so fun to meet all of these great students and work with them on their reading over the summer!  We started out by working on finding Characters and Setting in a story.  We used the familiar and lovable tale of Stellaluna as a starting point!  What a great way to start off!!  The students LOVE Stellaluna! They also loved sampling the mangoes that I brought for the kids to try.  They loved eating the same food that Stellaluna eats at the end of the story.  Many of the students had never tried mangoes before so it was fun to watch the expressions on their little faces!!

We used the following anchor chart below to record our knowledge. The students then got a chance to practice finding the Characters and Setting in their own Independent Reading.  Click Here to Download all of our Stellaluna activities for free!!

The mangoes were a hit!!  

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