Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday and a Classroom Tour! :)

Annnnnd....We're Off.....!!! Another school year is underway.  What a fun week I have had with my new little third graders! Here is a quick tour of my classroom!  :)

My little "Tissue Paper Pom Chandelier" adds a bright pop of color in my reading corner. 

This is the view from my desk....This is sort of the calm after the storm....4:00 in the afternoon!! Just 20 minutes earlier, this classroom was buzzing with activity.  :)

Classroom Jobs chart is ready to be put into action tomorrow!  

I can't wait to begin our study of different literary genres.  It is definitely one of my favorite unit to teach in Reader's Workshop!

Click below to pick up your copy! 


And Now... Throwback Thursday!! Today, I am linking up with Cara from The First Grade.  This little post is from February 2010 from when I was teaching first grade!! Each year we have "B.E.A.R." {Be Excited About Reading} Week.  It is a fun way to celebrate books, and we also used this week to teach a mini unit on bears.  On Friday, we had a read-a-thon and students brought in sheets or blankets to build caves and "hibernate" with a good book.  :)  


Curl Up and "Hibernate" with a Good Book!

Today, we built "caves" in our classroom out of blankets and sheets. We pretended to hibernate like the bears that we have been learning about this week. All of the first grade students cuddled up with their favorite books in one of the caves that they "built". It was a fun morning!!

The caves in our classroom.


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