Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 100th Day!!

Happy 100th Day!!  What a fun day in 3rd grade!  The students had the choice to either dress up as a 100 year old, or wear 100 things! I love this student's outfit!  :)

 These guys decided to sport a $100 bill.  :)

The students traveled to several stations during the morning. 

I purchased the unit "100th day of School:  If I lived 100 years ago" by Teach123, and it was a great unit!  At this station, the students used Ipads to research important events that occurred 100 years ago in 1912. We found several interest facts...the South Pole was discovered and the Titantic sank on its fateful voyage.  The students had a great time!                                                                                                                                        

A "Smart Cookie"  craft. Inside the students wrote about what they did not know on the first day of school and what they have learned at this point in the year!  


A fun 100th day glyph. Click here for a free copy. 

A Readers' Theater about the 100th day of school...and.....finally... Party Time!!!! We ate cookies with decorated with "100" and popped 100 balloons!  What a day!  

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